Mar 212008

Bandwidth Monitor NG (bwm-ng) is a simple small console based live Network and Disk I/O  Bandwidth monitor for Linux, Unix, BSD,Solaris, Mac OSx, Windows based platforms.

There is no fancy GUI or interfaces simple console utility which installs and runs flawlessly showing live stats of your Network or Disk I/O stats.

Disk I/O support is only added in the latest stable version bwm-ng 0.6 and Disk I/O is not supported on Windows Platforms yet.

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Mar 182008

DarkStat is a simple nTop like Packet Sniffing Network Traffic/Bandwidth monitoring utility for your Linux/Unix. DarkStat relies on libpcap and presents simple webinterface with nice graphs and stats aut-refreshed. The main advantage of Darkstat is that of the footprint and the memory, CPU usage.

DarkStat can run on most of the UNIX, Linux, FreeBSD,OpenBSD,NetBSD,Solaris,Mac OS. There are also packages for Gentoo Opensuse and Debian

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