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If you have your Nagios monitoring server published on the public Internet and have administrators working from home or have engineers oncall for troubleshooting then you can better off with the following iPhone applications to keep you upto date on whats going on with your network (I’m assuming you are all those rich administrators with iPhones hanging in your pockets).

These two are great convenience applications making it simple to stay on top of your network status. Before we look into the applications, it is important that we look at some security considerations. If you are publishing your Nagios Monitoring server on the Public Internet, it is important to realise the fact, Nagios can be a treasure for information for any hacker on the internet so make sure that the access is not on simple HTTP and is on SSL (HTTPS).  Move your Nagios server onto the DMZ in your network and open only the required ports (HTTPS only)


Courtesy Johns iApps Site

Courtesy John's iApps Site

iNag is a iPhone application that allows you to view your Nagios monitored network from anywhere, acknowledge host and services problems right from your phone, view Daily event logs all using a fast and secure method that does not require you to open your Nagios installation to the world.

iNags unique conduit approach makes it very fast on Edge/3G or WiFi connections, iNag can download a typical 300+ service network in less than 10 seconds. iNag comes with an open source php script that can be put on any web server and supports SSL and web based authentication, the iNag conduit script “inag.php” also has a built in authentication mechanism for added security.

Features include

Tactical overview showing the current state of your network
Host view and Service View listing Hosts/Services grouped by hosts
Host Details and Service Details to look into details of each Host/Service
Acknowledge Host/Service problems right from you iPhone/iPod touch
Log View to view the current days event log, filtering by hour, and event types

Click here to visit the project home.

Brooklyn for Nagios

courtesy feinsmithsoftware.com

courtesy feinsmithsoftware.com

This is a simple iPhone application for Nagios that connects directly to the Nagios URL on the public Internet domain with a username and password. You don’t need a browser to connect to Nagios.

Brooklyn can display list of Hosts Summary and services as well as detailed view of individual Hosts and Services.

Click here to visit the project home

  2 Responses to “Two cool Nagios applications on Apple iPhone”

  1. iNag does not require you to DMZ your Nagios server, It is not a screen scraper or a Web app, it includes a php script that runs on your dmz server to provide your nagios data to iNag without making it available to the world.

  2. Hi,
    a review about TouchMon would be nice + a comparison between TouchMon, inag and brooklyn


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