Mar 212008

Bandwidth Monitor NG (bwm-ng) is a simple small console based live Network and Disk I/O  Bandwidth monitor for Linux, Unix, BSD,Solaris, Mac OSx, Windows based platforms.

There is no fancy GUI or interfaces simple console utility which installs and runs flawlessly showing live stats of your Network or Disk I/O stats.

Disk I/O support is only added in the latest stable version bwm-ng 0.6 and Disk I/O is not supported on Windows Platforms yet.

Features include

support for /proc/net/dev, netstat, getifaddr, sysctl, kstat for Network Monitoring

support for /proc/diskstats /proc/partitions, IOKit, devstat and libstatgrab for Disk I/O Monitoring

Support for unlimited number of Network interfaces/devices

Dynamic Addition and Deletion of interfaces/devices to the list

Whitelist and blacklist of interfaces/devices

Output formats of KB/s, Kb/s, packets, errors, average, max and total sum

Output in curses, plain console, CSV or HTML

While packages are available for most of the platforms, installation is fairly straight forward. Download, compile and install as follows:

I did the installation in Debian but should be the same for most of the platforms


debian4R2Base:/etc# wget

Untar & Unzip

debian4R2Base:/etc# tar -zxvf bwm-ng-0.6.tar.gz

Compile & Install

debian4R2Base:/etc# cd bwm-ng-0.6

debian4R2Base:~/bwm-ng-0.6# ./configure

debian4R2Base:~/bwm-ng-0.6# make && make install

You have to install “libstatgrab”, if you choose to use it

debian4R2Base:~/bwm-ng-0.6# aptitude install libstatgrab6

That completes the installation.

In debian, if you want to use the aptitude package manager to install then you need to install from the unstable source as this contains the latest version with disk I/O support.

If disk I/O is not required then can install bwm-ng 0.5 from the stable sources

debian4R2Base:~/bwm-ng-0.6# aptitude install bwm-ng

Once installed simply running “bwm-ng” will default to Network stats on all interfaces. You can use bwm-ng for all options.

For stats on all network Interfaces

debian4R2Base:~/bwm-ng-0.6# bwm-ng

bwm-ng Network monitoring

For stats on Select Network Interface

debian4R2Base:~/bwm-ng-0.6# bwm-ng -I eth0

where eth0 is the network interface

bwm-ng eth0 monitoring
For stats on Disk I/O

debian4R2Base:~/bwm-ng-0.6# bwm-ng -i disk

(Reads from /proc/diskstat)

bwm-ng disk I/O

In Windows, simply download, unzip the file and run the EXE file.  For more information, visit the homepage here

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